Why AirBnB Owners need Furniture Rental

Furniture Options - 04/21/2021

Americans take 2.29 billion domestic and 93 million international trips each year. In fact, by 2028, yearly US tourism is estimated to hit the $2.4 trillion mark. And that is in the United States alone. As these travelers make their choice for overnight accommodation, many are turning to vacation rental homes, like Airbnb, over hotels for their comfortable, home-like atmosphere. 

With over 4 million hosts worldwide, making your Airbnb listing standout and ensuring your guests have a great experience is important for getting consistent bookings and capitalizing on the growing vacation industry. 

One way to do this is with the furniture in your Airbnb. Not only does stand-out furniture help curate an eye-catching listing, having well-maintained, beautifully-designed furniture influences the guest experience. Renting, rather than buying, furniture can help to keep your furniture fresh, on-trend, and cost-effective.    

Why furniture rental is a good solution for Airbnb owners: 

  • You do not have to invest a substantial amount of capital upfront. The cost to rent furniture is much less than the cost to buy it outright. And if you find a piece that is the perfect fit, you can rent-to-own with Inhabitr, distributing the cost overtime. 
  • You get to choose how long you keep a piece of furniture. You know your space and what works and doesn’t work. With the flexibility of rental length, you get to change the furniture as frequently as you need to. 
  • You can stay ahead of the trends. Change the look and feel of your space at any time to keep your Airbnb fresh and more marketable. 
  • You can easily replace worn-out furniture. As time or trampling cause wear and tear on your furniture, return it and find a new piece to take its place to keep your furniture looking in good condition for guests. 

So, how do you decide what type of furniture to rent? When selecting the furniture pieces to rent, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Make sure it aligns with your overall aesthetic. Find pieces that fit the style of your home. You can align your furniture with the architectural style or the style of the other furniture in your home, if already furnished. Maintaining a seamless design experience for guests is key. 
  • Quality over quantity. You should always opt for pieces of furniture that can bear the usual wear and tear. If you are planning on investing in furniture, you should consider renting quality furniture. Used furniture is also a great option if you are looking for a long-term investment. Inhabitr offers an array of Used Furniture at extremely low prices.
  • Prioritize safety. The concern of safety always pops up in the minds of families who are traveling with young children. As the owner of a vacation rental home, ensure that your furniture is hazard-free & safe for kids. For example, keep bean bags, plastic chairs, and high chairs on hand. Creating a safe environment for all ages will help you appeal to families. 
  • Get to know your guests. Keep the preferences of your guest in mind when you’re selecting furniture for your Airbnb. For example, if your house is frequently occupied by business travelers, help them in increasing their productivity by keeping smart furniture. Check out our blog on Smart Furniture for ideas.

Are there must-have pieces of furniture that you should have? Yes! There are certain pieces of furniture that will ensure your customer’s satisfaction when they stay in your house. When you are choosing what kind of furniture to keep in your home, be sure to consider: 

  • A spacious sofa: Have a comfortable sofa that can easily accommodate at least three people. The best sofa for a rental property is a sleeper sofa, allowing you to house more guests and earn more. 
  • Storage space: Entryway furniture like coat and shoe racks and bedroom storage like chests, drawers, and benches, help encourage guests to unpack and get comfortable. 
  • Comfortable mattress: Ensure your guests enjoy a good night’s sleep during their stay by investing in a quality mattress. 
  • Elegant décor: Do not overlook the importance of having stylish decor in your house. The right kind of lamps, artwork, and planters can make your guests feel at home.
  • Basic essentials: Keep extra toiletries, sheets, and blankets in your house. It’s the little things that earn your brownie points from your guests when they leave a review!

The furniture in your vacation home rental can make all the difference when it comes to guest selection and reviews. Implement these tips and see your ratings soar. 

If you are an Airbnb owner looking for Airbnb furniture rental with living room or bedroom furniture rental packages, you will find furniture at extremely affordable rates with free shipping and handling at Inhabitr, specially curated for Airbnb rentals. Check out what we have to offer here!

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