How to prepare your Apartment for the new College Semester?

Student Housing - 01/22/2021

It’s a new year and it’s going to be a new beginning for you. Life was tough last year for everyone around the globe. The pandemic has pushed us to alter our everyday life schedule drastically. For many, work from home was the new office life. 

For college students, college life came to a standstill. No more outings to the cafes, no more college classes. But it’s 2021 now. Colleges across the country have reopened and a new college semester is about to begin. That means you, as a student, will be moving back to school. 

Since you must be moving back to your apartment or planning to rent one near your campus, furniture is a must. But if the duration of your stay is going to be short, buying furniture might be a hassle for you. Calling for packers & movers, damage issues, the excessive fees are just some of the factors. Rental furniture is the answer you are looking for. 

So, how do you get your apartment ready for the new college semester? We will touch a few base points in this article.

  • Furnishing your living space is one of the essentials. Money-restraints, especially as a student can be challenging. Thus, it’s important to work with a certain budget. If you are planning to move into a 1BHK apartment, keep your budget somewhere between $1000-$1500. Have the basic pieces of furniture such as sofa, dining table, bed, mattress, drawer, etc. 
Inhabitr_Budget constraint

Check out our article ““How to Furnish your Apartment with a $1000 Budget” to get a better understanding of how you can furnish your living space with a limited budget.

  • Just in case you are thinking about buying furniture, ensure that you purchase pieces that are lightweight and easy to move. You might move to another city once you have completed your studies. Dragging heavy furniture with you is an unnecessary hassle. In order to avoid it, buy furniture that does not weigh too much and can be transported easily.
Inhabitr_Lightweight Furniture
  • By renting furniture, you make it easier for you to shift from one place to another without thinking about what to do with your furniture. All of us face this dilemma whenever we plan to move from one place to another. And why should you? Here are some reasons why:
Inhabitr_Furniture Rent
  1. It’s cheaper
  2. You can try out different styles of furniture
  3. For temporary moving

Do check out our article “7 Reasons you should Rent Furniture instead of Buying it” to know more about the renting furniture. Having the right school supplies and essential pieces of furniture in the right kind of apartment are important. So, do check out a few apartments before finalizing one. Keep factors such as distance from your college, amenities, travel convenience, etc in mind when you go apartment-hunting.

Staying at home for such a long time must have altered your daily schedule. As students, it is sometimes difficult to concentrate on your studies and extracurricular activities when you are cooped up inside your house all the time. What’s important is that you find ways to keep your energy up and your mind alert and active. How?

  1. Set time slots to complete your tasks
  2. Clean your room
  3. Design and arrange your study space

To know more about how you can stay on track whilst being at home, read our article “How to Stay on Track when Working from Home?”. The tips mentioned here can help you be proactive at home and stay on top of your game.

Studies did come to a halt during the pandemic. Online classes did become the new way of life for students. But although it seems fine to be at home and study, the kind of interaction that happens in a classroom between two people cannot happen anywhere else. 

Colleges have begun to reopen and a new college semester is about to begin. It is good to shift a few days prior so that you are comfortably settled in and rejuvenated to go back to school, with a fresh mind and pumped full of energy.

The concept of rental furniture will allure you only when it is cheap furniture too. At Inhabitr, you can rent, buy, buy used or rent-to-own affordable furniture without sacrificing quality. We provide an array of amazing furniture sets & products at affordable prices. Why don’t you check them out here?

You must be excited to go back to school. Find your apartment and get ready to move in. It’s a new year and hence, time for new beginnings. 

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