How to Buy Used Furniture during a Pandemic

Furniture Options - 12/24/2020

The Coronavirus pandemic or the “new normal” is something that all of us have adapted to now. The pandemic has taught us many things like working from home, attending classes on zoom, purchasing essentials and goods online, etc.

Inhabitr Pandemic New Normal

No matter what the situation is like, essentials and household accessories are always important and are required by all of us. Furniture is the accessory that makes your space come together and helps you enjoy the amenities of a comfy lifestyle. Purchasing new pieces of furniture each time is not a very optimistic choice. Instead of having to save up for furniture, why not buy used furniture or even rent furniture. Buying used furniture online is the best option lately considering the given scenario. 

One thing that the pandemic has made us all do is get familiar with working from home. The need for office furniture is the most important right now. Rather than investing in new furniture, consider buying used office furniture. This will not only serve the purpose but also save some bucks.

Inhabitr Work From Home

In the wake of the  pandemic, we have  learned how to shop online effectively and precisely. As furniture stores were closed, we had to resort to buying furniture online or searching for options like rent furniture, buy used furniture, etc.

Inhabitr is a brand that has taken rental furniture to a new level. Our customer service super heroes are available to help select bedroom, dining room and living room packages or individual pieces in many cities including Chicago, Austin, DC Metro, Baltimore etc.

Inhabitr Furniture Sets

Whether you’re a professional, student or realtor staging a property or preparing for a trade show, event or pop-up space, we’re your go-to team for rental furniture.

If you’re looking for good quality used furniture sets, Inhabitr will have it all covered for you.

Whether you are moving to a new house or redecorating your space, here are some tips for buying the perfect furniture for your home during a pandemic.

  • Purchasing furniture sets from honest dealers
Inhabitr_Purchasing furniture sets from honest dealers

The most important aspect when buying furniture especially during the pandemic is safety and hygiene. Considering the current scenario, used furniture stores do not function. Online shopping has become everyone’s best friend.  Inhabitr is a new age furniture company which has aced the online rental furniture purchase game.

  • Safety and sanitation of the furniture sets:
Inhabitr Furniture Sanitization

Whatever you purchase, sanitize it! Be it the groceries or even household items, disinfecting the products is very crucial now. Inhabitr as a brand has always strived to provide sanitized furniture sets. Even though you opt for used furniture, the quality and cleanliness is something that you will never have a complaint about. Each Furniture  piece thoroughly goes through a sanitization process.

  • Variety, color and quality
Inhabitr Furniture Testing

Testing is your best friend. Whenever you purchase used furniture make sure you test it out. The benefit of renting furniture is that you can always return it if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

Inhabitr offers a wide range of furniture sets, office furniture, bedroom sets, etc. All this ensured quality. 

  • Delivery and assembly options
Inhabitr Delivery and assembly options

What better than having furniture delivered to your home and even assembled! Inhabitr, provides white glove delivery and assembly. The team of technicians will ensure all your furniture is assembled according to your choice. Also you do not come in direct contact with the furniture. Let it sit for sometime, according to John Hopkins Medicine the coronavirus lasts for up to one day on cardboard, two days on stainless steel, and three days on plastic,the virus is not good at surviving on soft materials like fabric. 

Why rent furniture from Inhabitr?

On the Inhabitr portal one can find a variety of furniture sets, basically rental furniture at not only amazing prices but also with the benefits of white glove assembly and delivery by the team of professionals.  And the best part is that all the selection and payment is online, making it safe as well as efficient.

No matter what the situation is like, daily activities must go on. Same goes with living life each day. Being cautious is necessary but the pandemic is something that we all can tackle. At Least when it comes to furniture shopping, Inhabitr ensures that safety is taken well care of. Check out our page to explore a variety of furniture and houseware options. Pandemic or no pandemic, we guarantee great quality, flexibility and affordability.

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