Furnishing a Studio Apartment vs. a Big House

Design Space - 02/08/2021

Having a well-decorated & furnished living space is something that we all desire. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a small apartment or a big house, the essentials have to be there. But since the area of the space differs, the way you furnish it will too. 

A studio apartment is feasible for students and bachelors. A big house is more suitable for a family. In both cases, you have to be smart about the kind of furniture you use. In this article, we will take a look at the ways you can furnish a small apartment as well as a big house.

First, let’s see how you can go about furnishing a studio apartment.

Ways to furnish a studio apartment

It is best to maximize your space by using multi-functional furniture pieces. They won’t take too much of your space, plus you will be saving on the cost of buying extra furniture. Here are some examples of such furniture pieces that you can use to furnish your small apartment:

  • Sofa Bed: Whoever thought of the idea of a sofa bed must have been a genius. Anytime your guests come over, you can easily accommodate them. Every living room needs a sofa, and a sofa bed can easily be included in your budget too.
Inhabitr_Milton Soho III Linen Sleeper Sofa
  • Side Table: Look for a small side table that can also act as a stool when you need to have extra seating in your house. When you don’t have to use it as a stool, you can use it as a side table on which you can keep small things such as coffee mugs, etc.
Inhabitr_Side Table
  • Fold-Out Desk: Get ahold of a fold-out desk that can be transformed into a dining table whenever you need it. Many small apartments do not have the space for a dining table. In such cases, a fold-out desk comes in handy.
Inhabitr_Fold Out Desk
  • Storage Beds: Storage beds are in trend nowadays. Why? You don’t necessarily need a separate storage room to keep your things in. You can easily put them in the storage drawers provided in the bed.
Inhabitr_Storage Beds

These are some of the examples of multitasking furniture pieces. If you need advice for designing your apartment on a budget, you can check out our article “How to Furnish your Apartment with a $1000 Budget”!

Ways to furnish a big house

Having a big house has its own perks. It’s more spacious, so you are not restricted to any number of furniture pieces you can have in there. That being said, too much furniture will make your house look crowded and the style will fade away in the background. Here’s a list of essentials you should have in a big house:

  • Living Room: A comfy sofa, accent chairs, ottoman, coffee table, end table, floor lamps are some of the furniture pieces that are needed in a living room. It’s up to you to decide the color theme. You can keep it neutral, bright or do a mix of both. 
Inhabitr_Living Room
  • Dining Room: A large enough dining table to accommodate six people, appropriate number of dining chairs, console table, bar stools and relevant kitchenware. This is what you need to make your dining room feel elegant and comfortable at the same time. You can either go for a contemporary feel, or a rustic one.
Inhabitr_Oden Dining Room Set
  • Bedroom: A storage or platform bed, comfortable mattress, nightstand, table lamp, spacious drawer. Keep the tone of the bedroom soft as that will induce a restful sleep. Having soft pillows and quilts are also a must.
Inhabitr_Harte Bedroom Set
  • Outdoor Space: An outdoor dining table, outdoor dining chairs, potted plants, and open-fire grill. You can have a relaxed evening with your friends on the weekend, with an open-fire barbecue and a couple of chilled beers.
Inhabitr_Outdoor Set

It’s always a good idea to furnish your house with furniture that is essentially needed by you. Keeping unnecessary items will only make a clutter in your living space. At Inhabitr, we provide an array of amazing furniture, ranging from living room furniture, bedroom furniture to house essentials at affordable prices. Why don’t you check out our collection?

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