Furnish Up – turning Empty Spaces into Furnished Apartments

Inhabitr News - 12/18/2020

Inhabitr, formed in 2018, is a new-age furniture brand that strives to provide its customers with affordable rental furniture services. Starting as just a rental furniture company, Inhabitr is now providing options such as Buy Used, Buy New and Furnish Up. 

Flexibility to Buy Used, Buy New and Furnish Up.

Inhabitr was launched to help people have a hassle-free experience renting furniture without compromising on style, flexibility and affordability. Our services cater to students, working professionals, realtors staging properties, whatever you need.

Inhabitr has recently launched Furnish Up services for all buildings in and around The US. A microsite plugin added to the Building site helps customers reach the furnish up page. Inhabitr provides custom packages according to the needs of the customer.

Flexibility to choose furniture

You as the customer will be able to choose furniture according to your apartment needs. Rent for however long you need. As you complete your tenure, we will send our professionals to pick up the furniture sets.

Furnished apartments are great short term housing rental options, you can easily move in without worrying about the difficult process of moving out. A fully furnished apartment is perfect for someone who is constantly on the go.

Team Inhabitr will help you with the delivery and setup. Rental furniture is available for however long you need it.


Once you finish your tenure, we will send our professionals to pick up the furniture sets. All this is provided at extremely nominal rates. Get your furniture delivered even before you move in. The furniture items sent will go through a thorough sanitizing process to ensure complete hygiene and cleanliness.

Inhabitr’s latest success for Furnish Up is CA’s The Link Evanston building. The Link Evanston is a building based in Chicago, with most of its residents being students. It’s been a few months since Inhabitr started providing its services to this building and has received numerous enquiries and has provided Furnish Up services for around 40% of the building.

Team Inhabitr is delighted to announce this success and hopes to ace the furnish up service even further.

Other brands that have taken advantage of Inhabitr’s rental furniture service to furnish apartments are the Common buildings in Seattle. Eight of its buildings have chosen to partner with Inhabitr for Furnish Up.

Inhabitr has provided furnish up services to two student buildings in Austin, and many more in Chicago. Check out the links at the bottom of the article for all of our projects!

Furnish up lets customers have a fully furnished apartment with high-quality furniture that comes with white glove delivery and assembly. Moving into a furnished apartment saves money because there is zero need  to buy heavy furniture that you need movers for.

Why Furnish up with Inhabitr:

  • Have a premium microsite designed which displays furniture options according to each floor plan.
  • A dedicated website plug in added to your website with furnished apartment packages according to the floor plans.
  • Have us build your building’s furnish-up Microsite. Fully furnished apartments with high quality packages, furniture sets and optional items. One stop solution for furnished apartments, living room sets, dining room sets, table and chairs, room furniture and more!


“ The furniture is of very high designer quality and stylish versus some of the old furniture we get at other companies.” – An Associate of CA

“The ability to have an integrated furnishing partner that we can click online and select furniture already configured for each floor plan versus calling a company to get furniture was great.”- Furnish up Customer.

Links for Building furnish up done by inhabitr:

Link Evanston (Chicago)

Link Phoenix (Phoenix)

8 East Huron (Chicago)

Common Buildings (Seattle)

Texan 26 (Austin)

The Ledger (Philadelphia)

Inhabitr is a prominent furniture rental company operating in various cities across the US, featuring affordability & flexibility in one package. Enter your zip code and get started on your long-term and short-term furniture rentals with Inhabitr. Click here to find out what we have to offer!

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