Craigslist Used Furniture vs. Inhabitr Used Furniture Rental

Inhabitr Spotlight - 03/12/2021

Since their inception, Craigslist (cl) has been used by plenty of local sellers looking to get rid of their old stuff while recuperating some of their initial investment. Being that Craigslist is one of the top websites for people to buy used furniture, we decided to take a look at some of the differences between buying used furniture from people on Craigslist, vs. with Inhabitr.

1. Quality


One of the biggest strengths (and weaknesses) of Craigslist, is that you can find furniture of any quality on there. Unless you’re making exorbitant purchases, there is no guarantee of the quality of your furniture. There will be times when you are able to find great furniture at bargain prices! But there will also be times when you pay more money than you should have for cheap furniture.

Inhabitr on the other hand has quality assurance experts who inspect each used furniture piece and ensure that when you buy or rent, you are getting what you paid for. Another bonus with Inhabitr is that if you are dissatisfied at all with your furniture, their customer support team will immediately reach out to you to make sure that you are taken care of.

2. Variety

Inhabitr_Furniture variety

Here’s a point where both Craigslist and Inhabitr excel. Given Craigslist’s model of putting power in the hands of its sellers, there will be a large selection of affordable furniture for you to choose from. Craigslist also has different sites for you depending on your location, so you can always be on the lookout for good deals near you.

Like Craigslist, Inhabitr also has different locations across the United States and currently operates in the following cities: Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, DC Metro, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, San Antonio, and Tucson. Each location has the same selection of furniture with variance depending on availability. 

One of the great things about Inhabitr, is that you can get furniture for an entire room! Check out the assortment of living room sets to get an idea of both the variety available and how your furniture can come ready to go! If you’re looking for individual furniture pieces, then Inhabitr has you covered there as well. See the collection of Sofas for a better idea of the different options available to you!

3. Flexibility

Inhabitr_Flexibility to customers

For flexibility let’s look at which yields more options for you both at purchase and once the furniture is yours. With Craigslist, the amount of flexibility is left up to the seller, so if your furniture is in bad shape and your seller doesn’t offer refunds, you might be out of luck. 

With a motto of “Live Flexibly”, this is where Inhabitr really shines. Right off the bat, you have the option to make your purchase as rental furniture, meaning that you can choose how long you want to keep your furniture and return it as soon as you’re done. This is perfect for students or apartment-dwellers who won’t be holding on to their furniture for longer periods of time. 

In addition to rental furniture, you can also buy and have furniture rent to own options. Buying furniture is self-explanatory, but rent to own means that you can start off renting furniture and buy it at any time at a discounted price. 

4. Moving Costs

Inhabitr_White Glove Delivery

Some often overlooked aspects of furniture are transportation and assembly. With Craigslist, you will likely have to use a pickup truck to get the furniture piece and ask some friends to help you lift it into your house. These costs can be expensive, and will sometimes offset the bargain price you just secured.

With Inhabitr’s affordable furniture rental options however, you also get white glove delivery and assembly free of charge. This means that once you order your furniture, you don’t have to worry about anything else! Our furniture assembly team is here to help.

Overall, the choice comes down to preference. If you’re a bargain hunter who enjoys taking risks and seeing if you can find any diamonds in the rough, Craigslist might be the option for you! On the other hand, if you like having multiple options at your fingertips with a trusted company, then you should definitely check out deals at Inhabitr

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