BabyQuip &Inhabitr Furniture Rental Partnership

Inhabitr News - 03/17/2021

Inhabitr is excited to announce its recent collaboration with the Baby Gear Renting Company, BabyQuip. This partnership aims at providing long term baby gear rentals to families across the US. Everyone will now be able to rent baby gear without having to worry about future utility. Let your furniture evolve alongside the evolving needs of your baby.

Let’s jump to the Highlights of this partnership.

Need for Baby Gear and Furniture:

Inhabitr_baby gear

Little children are fun and sweet, but carrying them around can be a task. Inhabitr powered by BabyQuip comes to the rescue. Get rental gear at extremely affordable rates, and you do not have to worry about the hygiene of the gear. We understand that babies & kids are sensitive, and that’s why we ensure the sanitization of the baby gear & furniture are taken care of under supervision.

Need of the hour:

Inhabitr+Babyquip partnership

Considering the global climate, we understand that families are on the go and may need to relocate. Inhabitr powered by BabyQuip will cater to such families and ease their worries with provision of Rental Gears and Furniture for their tots, at multiple locations.

Our competitive prices and stylish gear/furniture will make the process of caring for your baby hassle-free!

 Some facts about BabyQuip:

Inhabitr_Baby Furniture Subscription
  • BabyQuip is the #1 baby equipment rental service and marketplace, offering thousands of baby gear items in over 500 cities across the US and Canada.
  • BabyQuip offers a simple solution for all Baby Gear concerns. They provide families with a large assortment of clean, safe and insured baby equipment – everything families need to keep their little ones sleeping well at night, and happily engaged during the day. When this happens, everyone gets to rest, relax and recharge.
  • Does the name sound familiar? Well, BabyQuip has made an appearance on the popular show, Shark Tank and has left a worthy impression on the minds of the investors and its future customers.

Perks of renting from us:

  • Get professionally cleaned and sanitized furniture
  • We’ll set up the nursery before the baby arrives
  • Choose to upgrade furniture as your baby grows


BabyQuip, Inc., the largest baby gear travel rental company in the US and Canada will now be offering longer term baby gear rentals through Inhabitr. The initial launch will be in the Washington, DC and Chicago metro areas with planned expansion in the coming months. The products offered will be available on

BabyQuip’s product offerings on Inhabitr has full size cribs, changing tables, strollers, several packages including many products and even toys!  A BabyQuip Quality Provider, a representative of the company, will assemble and set up your rental gear.  In addition, for an additional concierge fee, BabyQuip can meet with the parents, review how to use the gear, and help set up the nursery.

From the CEO’s Desks:

“We know families are looking for a full suite of furniture and accessories,” said Ankur Agrawal, Founder and CEO of Inhabitr, “BabyQuip brings their leading brand and considerable expertise in the baby gear category to Inhabitr customers.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Inhabitr.  They are leading the industry with their innovative furniture rental services and their reach in over X cities,” said Fran Maier, Founder and CEO of BabyQuip.  “We’re also excited to introduce Inhaibtr’s customers to BabyQuip’s travel rental and cleaning services.”

We are elated to announce this new partnership, and look forward to a prosperous future with BabyQuip. We hope to continue fulfilling our customer’s needs, and allowing everyone to live flexibly. For more information on this new partnership, and to rent baby gear go to

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