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Student Housing - 12/29/2020

College life is always said to be the best time in each one’s life. But there is an endless number of things that need to be taken care of. Housing is the most important component of a student’s life. Finding affordable student housing is not only a task but even a necessity. 

For some students dorm life doesn’t qualify for their list, while some students wish to stay outside the college campus. Chicago is a city packed with some of the finest universities. For a student the most important thing in his/her to do list is finding an affordable student housing option to sustain during the education years.

The stay is a temporary housing option and finding an affordable place is severely important. Not all students have an extravagant budget for housing. First things first, set your priority. Fix a budget for housing and stick to it.

Always consider checking the student housing facilities provided by the University. You might end up getting a great deal at the University housing facility itself. If that is not your thing, you can always explore options.

If you choose to rent an apartment, find yourself roommates. This step would help you greatly on cutting the cost.

Inhabitr Roommate

Furnished rentals in Chicago would cost you higher as compared to unfurnished ones. But what you need is a temporary housing option, so try to save on expenses which are not really important. If you want the best of both worlds, there are some great short term furnished rentals in Chicago!

Here are few tips for finding an affordable housing option:

  • Staying at home
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If you consider attending a local school, living at home could be an excellent option. By doing so you can save up on food and rent and will spend more time studying. This option may not give you the college experience, but will definitely cut down on your costs.

  • Search online
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The internet is your best friend, type things like affordable student housing in Chicago, student housing Chicago etc, press enter and get a variety of sites which are waiting to cater your needs. From Short term furnished rental options to temporary housing, you will be able to find your dream housing with much ease.

There are umpteen number of websites designed for affordable student housing. Uloop is a site which focuses on college housing, job opportunities near campus, and much more. All you need to do is use the search bar to enter your university and then peruse the housing opportunities listed. This method can be super helpful if you’re looking to find a roommate for off-campus housing.

  • Exploring the neighborhood
Inhabitr Exploring Neighborhood

It’s always a great idea to explore the neighborhood. You can always read up about it but personally experiencing the place will help you make an informed decision.If you like some apartment online, go and explore the place before finalizing it.

  • Ask your University for help
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Tapping into your college’s resources would be a very wise thing to do. Many colleges and universities are proactive in helping students with student housing options, a housing search feature on their website, or even referrals from Residential Life. They also may be able to help you find other students who are looking for roommates.

  • Finding roommates
Inhabitr_Finding roommates

No matter where you live, you can lower your housing costs by sharing them with a roommate. You not only have a company but also ease on the money part. If you don’t yet have a friend or potential roommate on campus, you can use a free roommate-finding website, such as Uloop, to search for one.

  • Look for short term or temporary housing options
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Many people give their apartment on a short term rental basis. If you’re lucky enough you might end up getting furnished apart too. Always be attentive to the notice board in your University and even search online regularly so you do not miss out on some great deals.

Hope these tips help you find your dream student housing option. For furniture or other houseware items on rent, visit On the Inhabitr portal, one can find a variety of affordable furniture sets, with rental furniture at not only amazing prices but also with the benefits of white-glove assembly and delivery by a team of professionals.

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