5 Game-Changing Tips on Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

Design Space - 10/22/2020

Have you ever walked walked through the front door into your living room and felt like things just weren’t where they were supposed to be? If you have, you’re not the only one. We’re all trying to make our living room look as great as possible but it can be hard if you don’t know where to start.

The ancient Chinese believed that the arrangement of your room could be pivotal in creating balance for your everyday life. Their principle of Feng Shui teaches us that balance in your home leads to more positive energy and a balanced life, making it all the more important to keep your home furniture in the right place!

Our in-house design experts have shared a few simple tips that you can use right away! Keep reading for Inhabitr’s 5 game-changing tips for arranging your living room furniture.

  • Tip No. 1: Select a focal point

When you have a guest over, what’s the first thing they see? Is it your dusty coffee table, your stained sofa, dirty socks? Whatever it is they see, that’s the focal point of your room, making this the most important tip to consider. Sometimes the focal point of a room is easy to spot; if you have an exquisite dining table or a fireplace, you can use them as the focal point of the room.

Your surrounding pieces should either complement or draw attention to the focal point, and the better your focal point is, the better your room will look. This is the first gateway into the world of arranging furniture.

  • Tip No. 2: Stop placing pieces against the walls

In the past you could throw any new piece of furniture against the wall and be complimented by your friends on the beautiful arrangement. Those days are gone. Keeping your furniture against the wall unintentionally shrinks your room and leaves a dated look. Finding the optimal place to fit your furniture pieces away from the wall can help impart a modern look to your living space while giving the impression of a spacious, more luxurious arrangement.

That being said, you should take into account the size of your room when making such a decision as you don’t want to overcrowd a small room with furniture.

  • Tip No. 3: Come up with conversation areas

When your friends come over, you’ll want a place where you can leisurely chat without having to worry about raising your voice or speaking too quietly. It’s important for your seating pieces to be close to each other, creating naturally designated conversation areas.

If you have a larger room and are worried about trying to force one space to be the conversation area, don’t worry! It’s perfectly fine and even encouraged to have multiple conversation areas, especially for bigger rooms. Put a few end tables with contemporary vases or decorative pieces to really enhance the feel of these areas.

  • Tip No. 4: Strike a balance when you arrange furniture

As we learned earlier, balance is the central aspect of decorating. When arranging furniture you should consider the size and placement of your pieces, so that you don’t group all similarly sized pieces in the same area. An improper balance can feel unsettling and a little cramped.

Also make sure that you are displaying a variety of complementary pieces so your room’s look doesn’t get too stale – if you have a leather upholstered sofa, you could pair it with a matte finish coffee table.

Of course, you’ll never know how well some pieces fit together until seeing them for yourself. Don’t buy furniture pieces until you can be sure they’ll work for your living space. One way to make sure you’re getting the right pieces is by trying out furniture rental services so you’re not committing too soon.

Check out Inhabitr’s collection of living room sets, bedroom sets and more here for quality rental furniture at a quality price!

  • Tip No. 5: Focus on the Light

Lighting is one of the most important and under-looked elements for any room. You can try a mix of ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps for a multifaceted approach to your room lighting. Don’t put all your lights in the same place. Lighting must be in different levels for you to have a proper balance; weaker sources of light should be in lower levels, stronger sources should be at higher levels.

Most importantly, don’t get a light that’s too harsh! Find a lighting source that brings the best out of your living room without making your furniture pieces look too harsh.

Get, Set, Go!

These tips aren’t the end-all be-all for arranging your living room, but they’re a great place for you to start. If you liked these tips, check out the furniture sets and pieces made by the world-class designers who suggested them here!

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