3 Ways Inhabitr is Leading Post-Covid Furniture Shopping

Inhabitr Spotlight - 01/21/2021

In many ways 2020 changed how the world operates. The pandemic brought forth changes in various different industries in ways that we may not fully understand for decades. As a relatively new entry in the furniture industry, Inhabitr has had a first-hand experience of how covid-19 changed the furniture landscape this year. Here are 3 major changes to the furniture industry which have Inhabitr poised to take over the furniture game in 2021.

Online Shopping

Inhabitr Online Shopping

With in-person stores often closing down and turning into covid-spreader spots, many people opted for the safer route of online shopping. In the furniture industry specifically, online furniture shopping meant hunting for deals to minimize the amount of time needed in the actual store. Some furniture stores adapted by enhancing their digital footprint, Inhabitr being one of the main companies to do so.

Over the last year, our company has dedicated time to making online shopping a more convenient experience for our customers. If you live in one of our catered-to cities, we have configured a subdomain just for you! For example, if you live in Seattle, you can go straight to our Seattle based website for every furniture piece available to Seattle residents. 

Online shopping can sometimes lack that personal touch. That’s why we have real customer service representatives always available to answer your questions and keep you up to date on our latest promotions! Chat with our live agents on our homepage and find out today’s special Inhabitr promo codes!


Inhabitr White Glove Delivery Post Covid

2020 saw the rise of delivery services. Food companies were at the forefront of this market boom, but furniture delivery wasn’t far behind. Having movers to put your brand new furniture in place isn’t exactly a new innovation, but never has it been easier to have your furniture delivered straight to you. Whereas before, people might have contacted a different moving company from the furniture store they ordered from in a multi-step process, now it’s a little simpler. 

Inhabitr offers white-glove delivery and assembly services, meaning that your furniture delivery is held to the utmost highest standards. 

A key difference between Inhabitr and our competitors is the lack of a minimum cart requirement to be able to make purchases. We truly want to allow our customers to live flexibly, this includes our delivery options. 

If you’re only looking to buy one or two pieces, you’re free to do so by paying a handling fee, something you won’t find with our competitors. If you’re paying for 100 dollars worth of items and renting for 10 months or more, you won’t have to worry about any additional handling fees. And if you’re looking for a shorter term lease, no worries! Chat with our live agents so they can help you avoid any extra fees!

If you need your furniture right away, you can have it delivered within 48 hrs for only $199 or just $99 for deliveries within 3-7 days. If you’re not under any time restrictions, then you can have it delivered for FREE. Look at our FAQ if you have more questions about our delivery service, like where we deliver and more!

When you’re done with your items, you can return them and have them picked up free of charge after your first year lease is up. In a post-covid world, people are looking for flexibility in their lifestyle, so that’s what we want to provide. If you’re renting out an apartment for one or two years, check out our various options to purchase living room sets, dining room sets and more!  

Flexibility and Customer Research

Inhabitr Research

To save time, many customers are doing more research than ever on the products that they buy. With the world’s information at our fingertips, covid has forced many people to actually start making use of it. We pride ourselves on giving a plethora of affordable furniture options, with regular discounts and promotions as well with no obligation to buy. 

While Inhabitr has always employed a “try before you buy” philosophy, our approach had to be strengthened with the consequences of the virus. By offering services such as the aforementioned one-year warranty, we want to give our customers the freedom to use their furniture first to see if they like it. Our premier service has been as a rental furniture company, meaning that you pay for your furniture only for as long as you need it. 

With our growing list of offers and promotions, we encourage you to do as much research as possible before committing. Staying somewhere long-term just isn’t realistic for more and more people, so going through the hassle of buying and selling furniture could feel like part of an outdated lifestyle. But staying true to our slogan of living flexibly, we offer several options like buying, or even rent-to-own meaning that if you love your furniture, you can keep it permanently.

Bottom line: we love our customers, and we believe that with quality customer service, an intuitive website, and convenient delivery options, Inhabitr should be your furniture company of choice in 2021 and the future.

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